Attention prospective fence owners living in the Triangle Region and following North Carolina Areas, Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Morrisville, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Brier Creek, North Raleigh, Rolesville, Wakefeild, Wake Forrest, Knightdale, Clayton, Garner, Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina, and Apex.



Dear Fence Day Dreamer,

Its time you stop day dreaming about fences and take action on the fencing for your home, personal and private needs.

I mean...

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fence installed for your home? A fence for better privacy and protection, fences for keeping your dogs and pets in and preventing unwanted pets, stray animals, wildlife (such as deer, foxes, rabbits, racoons and opossums)and people out.

A backyard fence to provide a safe place for the kids to play and for your family to enjoy cookouts and get-togethers. Perhaps a pool fence made of aluminum or vinyl for the swimming pool, spa, or hot tub.

You may need fencing for safety and insurance reasons like trampolines, pools, playsets, play ground areas, or certain breeds of dog that have a tendency to bite.

Getting a fence is a great idea, don't you think?

Of course it is!

I can't speak for you, but I for one know I would love the beauty, additional security, and peace of mind that a fence would provide for my home.

Did you know that fences(if properly built and installed by experienced and quality fence builders) actually improve the look and value of your home?... Ka-Ching!

Some Homeowners think that building a fence is an expensive home improvment project. Not really. First of all fences vary in price depending upon the style of fencing your interested in and the building/installation conditions of the fence on your property. Most reputable fence companies are happy to give free fence estimates and review any fencing concerns or details for your project.

True Fence Fact:
You can even get a fencing home improvement loan
to build the perfect fence for your home.

Some people choose to design and build their own fence, some follow fencing how to plans and guides. Wood fences are a popular choice for how to installers. If you're the weekend warrior type, decent with numbers and measurements, have a good eye for detail, and not afraid of a little potentially, back-breaking and dirty work, you just might be able to build and install your own fence.

But trust me, your better off letting the professional fence builders handle the job. We've got the the experience, know how, and all the right fencing equipment to get the job done.

Here's an outline of the materials and equipment for an average fence:

Average fence detail for a 200' 6' High Fence with one gate

(2) - 6x6x8

(28) - 4x4x8

(24) - 80LB Bags concrete

(85) - 2x4x8

(440) - 1x6x6DE

(3) - Hinges

(1) - Latch

Note: That's roughly 3,000 Pounds in material that needs to be distributed throughout the yard! You might want to get a back brace and stretch out before your heavy lifting!

Material & labor costs: Roughly $3,250.00

(Disclaimer - does not include tear down of existing fence, removal of debris, rough site charges which includes clearing & hard digs, possible rental of heavy equpment "pneumatic jack hammer" for rocky terrain & unforseen conditions. Final pricing varies per geographic location.)

If you are a weekend warrior, make sure all underground utilities (gas, electric, cable, phone, & water)are contacted & marked prior to digging! Those lines that aren't marked, ie. sprinkler systems, sanitary lines, etc. be certain to know the location of those lines prior to the construction of your new fence!

When I first started researching fences I had know idea how much information was available and that pertained to fencing. For example: In building fences there are many choices and fencing options including...types of fences, fence parts and accessories, fence gates, hinges, grade of fence materials, fence colors, various fencing styles, type of posts (both wooden and metal), fence accents,etc.

More valuable fence information examples...

You have style choices between scalloped fences or half-moon/wooden arched fences. Wood or Vinyl Lattice fence accents. Chain link fences, Vinyl coated chain link in a variety of colors and in some cases chain with barbed wire fencing. Black Aluminum fences verses Wrought Iron or an Ornamental fence. Vinyl fences or PVC/plastic fencing. Semi-Private Wooden Shadowbox Fencing or Ribbed Vinyl fences. Complete Privacy Fences like Wood Board on Board and Vinyl Tongue and Groove Fences.Custom designed wooden fences or Traditional picket fences varying in height and style or pre-fabbed panel fences. Contemporary Fence Vinyl styles such as Princeton, Countess, and Victorian. Classic Fence Styles such as the Manchester and Concave version. Traditional Fence Styles such as the Charleston Concave fence version, Yorkshire, and Colonial fencing.

Note: Concave Fencing (as in Vinyl "Concave" Fence Styles) is basically the same as "Scalloped or Scalloped Topped" (as in Wooden Fence Styles.)

Three Great Fence Questions you should always ask your potential fence contractor or fence sales person.

1) Are you just a sales person, selling fencing or do you actually have real, in the field fence building experience?

2) Can you provide me with at least 3 references of fences that you have built?

3) What type of fencing guarantee or fence warranty do you provide for your fences?


Whether you choose to build a fence yourself with how to fence plans or call on the fencing experts to save you time, physical exhaution, mental frustration, and get your fence built with peace of mind, fences are a must to complete the beauty of any landscape and home. You don't have to go through as much as research as I did, but I do strongly advise that you do take advantage of the resources below!

Whatever you do, I wish you the beauty, safety, privacy,and peace of mind that a great fence provides.

All the Best and Happy Fence Hunting!

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